The play "Obabakoak" is still on the move (Barcelona, Bilbao and San Sebastián)

2017-11-13  ¦  Theater

After its debut in Bilbao this past October, the play “Obabakoak” is touring other cities. The play has recently finished a 5-day run in Barcelona, and it will soon be on its way back to Bilbao and then to San Sebastian.

The play

The stage production of "Obabakoak" opens this week

2017-10-16  ¦  Theater

A loose adaptation of Atxaga's well-known novel Obabakoak will take the stage for the first time on Wednesday October 18th. The play, which is being produced by the Arriaga Theater, was announced last week at a press conference.

The stage production of

Bernardo Atxaga awarded the 2017 Liberpress Prize for Literature

2017-10-09  ¦  Prizes

This past weekend the award ceremony was held for the 2017 Liberpress prizes, an international prize that is awarded each year by the Regional Council of Girona, Catalonia. Among this year's winners was writer Bernardo Atxaga, who received his prize for "a body of literature that is filled with sensitivity, originality and richness."

Bernardo Atxaga awarded the 2017 Liberpress Prize for Literature

40th anniversary of the "Pott group"

2017-09-12  ¦  Publications

In 1977 several young men gathered in Bilbao and created the literary group called "Pott". The experience lasted only 3 years, but it revolutionized Basque literature. This year is the 40th anniversary of the group made up of Atxaga, Sarrionandia, Ordorika, Juaristi, Iturralde and Ertzilla.

40th anniversary of the

Warm reception for "Nevada Days"

2017-09-12  ¦  Publications

Published this past June, “Nevada Days”, the English translation of Días de Nevada (Pamiela, 2013), has been praised by readers and critics alike. Here are some of the accolades received.

Warm reception for

Debut of the play "Lu eta Le", a look into the universe of Lourdes Iriondo and Xabier Lete

2016-12-06  ¦  Theatre

Donostia 2016 and Ados Teatro present Lu eta Le, a play written by Bernardo Atxaga, directed by Garbi Losada and with music by Juan Carlos Pérez. The work gives us a look into the world of Xabier Lete and Lourdes Iriondo.

Debut of the play

"Correspondencias" contains the letters exchanged between Bernardo Atxaga and Bashkim Shehu

2016-12-02  ¦  Publications

As part of the Chekhov vs. Shakespeare program sponsored by Donostia San Sebastían 2016, different writers exchanged letters over the course of a few months earlier in the year, reflecting on literature, conflict, and the role of the writer. These correspondences have been published in a series of volumes, one of which includes the epistolary relationship between Bernardo Atxaga and Albanian writer Bashim Shehu. The letters are published by Erein under the title Correspondencias.


Atxaga and Muguruza present their album "Harriaren hiztegia"

2016-11-30  ¦  Music

Music label Mara-mara has just released "Harriaren hiztegia", an album of nine songs aimed at children, with lyrics by Bernardo Atxaga and music by Jabier Muguruza.

Atxaga and Muguruza present their album

Issue no. 10 of the literary magazine "Erlea" now available

2016-11-29  ¦  Publications

The literary magazine Erlea, led by Bernardo Atxaga and published by Euskaltzaindia, celebrates its tenth issue. In this edition, the thread running throughout the issue is the theater.

Issue no. 10 of the literary magazine

"Obaba" among the 100 most important fictional worlds in history.

2016-09-22  ¦  Publications

Literary Wonderlands, about to be released by Black Dog & Leventhal, is a collection of the 100 greatest fictional universes in world literature. Among them is the fictional world of Obaba, created by Bernardo Atxaga.


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